HELIOS 3D 858-4

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Big fish are ghosts. They vanish and quickly reappear where you least expect. This rod thinks quicker, obsessively designed to overcome instantaneous directional changes that would normally require three, four and five false casts to correct. That’s the philosophy behind this 8' 5" surgical 8-wt. The product of strong collaboration, it’s what happens when longtime guides bring complex fishing scenarios to our rod designers. The result is a high-concept boat rod designed specifically for the quick-turn, one-shot accuracy required to stay ahead of fast-moving bonefish, reds, permit, or even pike. While this rod has the power of an 8, it feels more like a 7 with a slightly shorter length perfect for fine-tuning your loops and driving flies under heavy cover. It’s a high line-speed titan in salt or fresh. Made in Vermont.
HELIOS 3D 858-4