Fly Tying Kit - Clouser Minnow

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The Clouser Minnow pattern was developed in 1987 by Bob Clouser, a legend in the fly fishing industry, as a variation of a traditional bucktail streamer. Sometimes keeping it simple is best and that's what this fly accomplishes so well. This extremely versatile fly pattern works in both freshwater and saltwater species. A few pinches of bucktail on the top and the bottom of the hook shank is all you need. Less is more with this fly!

This Kit Includes:

  • Large Northern Bucktail - White
  • Large Northern Bucktail - Chartreuse
  • Krystal Flash - Flourescent - Chartreuse
  • 210 Denier Thread -  Chartreuse
  • Double Pupil Lead Eyes - Black/White
  • Gamakatsu B10S - Size 2 (Quantity 25)

TIP: You can adjust the weight by swapping out the lead eyes for some bead chain eyes to adapt this fly for shallow water and keep it closer to the surface.

Fly Tying Kit - Clouser Minnow